Eastern Styria - the Region of culture trails

No other region has as many themed culture trails as the East of Styria. Along the Apple and the Roman wine trails you can enjoy top quality Styrian delights, including delicious cream of apple soup, exquisite apple desserts and superb wines. Learn to love and appreciate new culinary delights! Experience history first hand at 18 castles and palaces along the Castle trail. Artistic and cultural achievements, historical sites, traditions and customs all have strong roots in Eastern Styria. The Flower trail is another highlight of any journey through Eastern Styria.

Ballonfahrt, Romantik

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Eastern Styria – Austria’s garden – awaits its visitors with a colourful garden experience all year round. Beautiful show gardens, unique little parks, fragrant apple orchards and delightful rows of fruit trees will enchant you. Fairytale moments come true in dreamy garden castles and on idyllic carriage rides with the castle coachman through the blossoming landscape. Discover the artworks of Eastern Styria’s floral lovers along the magnificent Flower trail, which includes nine flower villages. Admire the carefully maintained front gardens, flower-bedecked houses and florally decorated villages. Visit the Loidl tree nursery to learn more about gardens and gardening.

Apfelblüte, Apfelland


Enjoy the experience of Austria’s largest fruit-growing area – a feast for the eyes, heart, and mind – as you explore the Styrian Apple trail. This astonishing paradise in an idyllic rural setting is located near the city of Graz. Along a distance of 25 km, it links “apple landlords” to apple growers, to the “apple house” and the apple village of Puch. When spring awakens, the blossom of over a quarter of a million fruit trees covers the countryside in a sea of fragrant flowers. Winding its way through quiet villages and secluded forests, passing by characterful old farms, the Apple trail is an important source of customs and traditions in the region.

Apfelernte im Apfelland - Ballonhotel Thaller


The biggest bathing lake in the local area is Stubenbergsee. Set in the gently undulating uplands, its warm water, 3 km long circular path, family-friendly leisure facilities and idyllic spots make it an ideal place to kick back and relax. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on an excursion to the local mountain of Kulm (at 975 m above sea level). With its breathtaking panoramic views, Kulm is considered an especially attractive viewpoint between the Apple, Castle and Roman wine culture trails.

Stubenbergsee in der Oststeiermark - Ballonhotel Thaller