Your host is your pilot

Count Adolf, or the “high-flying hotelier from Hofkirchen” as he’s known in balloonist circles, has been a passionate balloon pilot ever since 1989. This enthusiastic balloonist has taken part in Alpine crossings, regional and national championships and competitions, and helped to organise the World Balloon Championships in 2008. He is considered a pioneer of ballooning in Eastern Styria. Having completed some 2,000 balloon rides, he also has plenty of stories to tell.

Ballon, Aufrüsten
Ballon, Start, Aufbau


In the event that Mr Thaller is unable to take you up to lofty heights, another member of our team of experienced pilots shall be delighted to do so:


  • Manfred Dorn
  • Stefan Schweighofer
  • Thomas Postl
  • Georg Strempfl
  • Wolfgang Scheibenpflug