Ballooning is one of the last great adventures of our age. The feeling of flying free as a bird, carried solely by the wind, makes for an unforgettable natural experience. A balloon ride is difficult to describe in words: it simply must be experienced with all your senses! Eastern Styria offers the best conditions for doing so: ideal weather conditions and a magical landscape characterised by gentle hills and charming fruit groves ensure that at the end of the ride you won’t come down and land with a bump!

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A one of a kind ballooning experience

Experience special holidays at the only balloon hotel in Austria.
2 nights with a ballon ride from Euro 284,– pro person
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Procedure of the balloon ride


A balloon ride starts in the early morning or in the afternoon, either between 6 and 8 am or 5 and 7 pm, depending on the season. The take-off site is right next to the Ballonhotel in Hofkirchen. First, everyone in the team lends a hand to get the balloon ready. Preparations take about half an hour.

Ballon, Aufbau, Apfelland


The balloon ride takes about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the possible landing site. Prevailing wind conditions determine the direction of travel, speed, and the distance travelled. Because the balloon moves with the wind, you don’t actually feel any wind in the basket. During the ride, the balloon ascends to an altitude of between 1,000 and 2,000 metres above the Eastern Styrian hills.

Ballon, Landschaft, Oststeiermark, Apfelland


The balloon sinks as the hot air gradually cools down. Then the pilot looks for a suitable landing site – which isn’t a problem in Eastern Styria thanks to the gently rolling landscape that offers ample opportunities for a safe landing. After landing, everyone helps to dismantle and pack the balloon, which takes about half an hour.

Landung nach dem Ballonfahren in der Oststeiermark - Ballonhotel Thaller


For novices, the first balloon ride ends with a special ritual: they are “raised to the nobility”! In this case, the balloon pilot performs a special “baptism” ceremony with fire and sparkling wine. Afterwards, each passenger receives an aristocratic title and a baptism certificate as a souvenir. Please take care-ful note of your baptismal name, because it can be quite long!

Sekttaufe nach der Ballonfahrt in der Steiermark - Hotel Thaller